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Our Guarantees

Sashline products are covered by long term warrenties providing you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Guarantees
Our Guarantees
Our Guarantees
Sashline provides the following warranties:
Warrants that the services shall be supplied using professional skill and that upon delivery and for a period of years described below to each element of the product fron the date of delivery and installation of the goods (where applicable) which shall be of reasonable quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. fit for the purpose they are supplied for and free from defects in material and workmanship.
We provide guarantees in accordance with the following conditions:
Wood is a natural material that may shirk and may expand influenced by local climate and environmental conditions. Sashline shall not guarantee any timber products against minor twisting and distortion (+/- 8-10mm) as a result of wooden natural expansion/shrinking/movement.Other warranties described in this document remain valid.

The guarantees offered on Sashline factory finished products are based on the following T&C:
  • Sashline shall not be liable in respect of the Good defects arising from wear and tear, negligence to follow instructions supplied to you in relation to the Goods, defective building work, misuse, alterations, or repair of the Goods without Sashline prior approval.
  •  The products have been carried, installed, maintained, stored in accordance with Sashline indications.
  • The products finished painting did not fail due to poor maintenance of the building, or by the building`s inadequate design
  • Sashline Products have not been altered prior to installation or after installation.
  • The product has not been exposed to dirt and debris resulting in excessive damp on ingress growth.
  • On delivery, during site storage or while carrying the installation the site was adequately ventilated to balance moisture
  • The Painting has not been exposed to excessive heat or pollutants.
  • The Painting has not been subjected to scratches or cleaning agents unfit for timber maintenance.
  • The product is fit for its intended use.
  • Sashline maintenance guidelines has been observed & followed and carried in accordance with the Sashline Care and Maintenance Guide.
  • The products have been installed on GB mainland and have been fully paid for on-time.
You must maintain the Goods as set out in these guarantee conditions particulary in relation to paint finishes. Failure to maintain the Goods in accordance with the relevant guarantee T&C`s outlined or maintenance guidelines will invalide any guarantee given by us in relation to such Goods.
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