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Being the well-reputed timber windows and doors suppliers, SashLine takes extreme measures to ensure the convenience of the customers. This is why we have designed a comprehensive and user-friendly website. We ensure that our customers do not face any technical difficulty or have to go through any sort of hassle while purchasing. You can order your desired timber windows and doors online within minutes.
  1. Email us you window openings or drawings
  2. Attach photos of existing windows (where applicable) so we match your new windows to existing
  3. We’ll get back with a quotation generally within 24 hours (this is before until our instant quoting software is lunched )
  4. Confirm your order with a 50% deposit once an invoice is received
  5. If necessary, we’ll survey the site to confirm if sizes are accurate
  6. Production drawings will be emailed one day from survey for your confirmation
Site Surveys are charged at £120.00 per visit. A saving can be done if your building or architect can do it for you. On large orders we can offer free of charge site surveys.
You can expect the delivery within 6-8 weeks after the placement of your order and confirmation of payment in our bank account. The delivery date depends on the influx of orders and your bespoke request as well. The lead time given includes manufacturing of your doors and windows but does not include site surveys and installation.
On Medium size orders and standard windows, we may be able to deliver in 4 weeks. Please Ask when you order!
How to Measure for Replacement Windows and Doors
Measuring Up 1 Measure for replacement windows
To get the width right, measure the area enclosed within the window jambs (the straight sides that configure the frame vertically). Take the measurement between the jambs at three particular spots: the middle, the top, and the bottom. You can discard jamb liners to measure the width of the inside frame. Consider the smallest measurement of the three measurements and allow extra 5-8mm tolerance. Take the measurement of the width from left to right.
To get the height right, begin from the highest point of the structural windowsill (piece of Stone or concrete at the bottom of the window). This is because windowsill is nearest to the inside. Start from the highest point on the windowsill and take the measuring tape to the top of the window opening. You need to measure three dimensions from here: the center, to the extreme left side, and to the extreme right side of the window. Consider the smallest measurement of the three measurements and allow less 5-8mm tolerance
To get the calculation of the depth, measure the space between the outside blind stop trim and the inside of the window trim. The pocket depth between these two points should be at least 1/4 inches. This will allow the accommodation of the frame of replacement window.
Conduct the outside measurements of the window from the extreme left edge of the frame to the extreme right edge. Measure the outside length measurement from the top of the window frame to the bottom.
Use your camera to take a picture of your window and mention the measurements on the print.
This will help you to determine the correct size of window when ordering from SashLine
Measure for replacement doors
Measuring Up 2 Begin by taking the measurement of height, width of the door. Mention every measurement on the picture of the door that you took. Make sure to record all the measurements to the nearest mm.
Take the measurement of the width and height of the framework that surrounds the door. Measure the door from the extreme left to the extreme right. Measure the horizontal width at the top, the bottom and at the center part of the door. Consider the largest measurement as the width of your door and allow 5-8mm
Write down the measurement as "width by height.” If your door is 30 inches wide from left to right and 85 inches long from top to bottom, write it down as 30x85. Apply the same procedure to the multi-sectional doors and the doors with separate glass panes. Measure the overall height and width first and then take the measurement of other components.
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