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Paint and Stain Options

Paint and Stain Options

All our windows and doors are supplied painted white as standard, but we offer full colour customisation to your specifications.

Paint Options

If you have the RAL colour code we can paint your windows and doors to match. And, no matter whether you would like both sides, inside and out, painted the same or different colours, we can oblige.

Each unit will be painted under strict factory conditions to ensure even coverage, two sprayed coats of water-based paint to protect the wood from decay and fungus and two sprayed coats of microporous paint for weather protection and aesthetic perfection. When painted in this way the wood can breathe, expand and contract without cracking the paint layers for long-lasting, weather-resistant beauty.

Stain Options

When staining wood, it’s all about drawing out the natural rich textures and colours of the timber.

At SashLine we use a range of pellucid stains to enhance what nature has provided. All you need to do is to choose the wood for your windows and doors and the stain, and we’ll deliver on the perfect finish.

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